Mar 232020

Extraordinary times, may well be an understatement. None of us have ever experienced anything quite as serious as this in our lifetimes. Please follow the instructions of your health departments and stay at home.

It looks as though we will not be shooting any sporting events for the foreseeable future. I’m sure we all share the disappointment of the cancellations. No soccer, baseball and now the Olympics have been postponed. I’m sure all this abundance of caution is warranted, but it makes for boring times.

I’m quarantined to the house for sometime to come. I have a compromised immune system (I suffer a form of bone marrow cancer). I’m surviving by working over images already in our libraries and trying to be a little more creative with them, than I normally would. Here’s a couple of images. Let us know what you think.

We’ll be adding the ability to order this treatment on images already posted in our galleries in the near future. Right now we’re experimenting on printing these on canvas.

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Lawson and Liberty North galleries…

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Sep 282016

are up …

Lawson homecoming:

Lawson v East Buchannan gallery is here:

And the Conference Championship softball game between Liberty North and Park Hill South gallery is also up, here.

2016 Homecoming Queen, Lawson High School

2016 Homecoming Queen, Lawson High School

Liberty North over Park Hill South - determination!

Liberty North over Park Hill South – determination!

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Lawson Homecoming galleries

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Sep 262016

There was a problem processing the images, and Jeff and I are working to correct it.
We’ll get them back up as soon as we can..
Thanks for patience.. sorry for the hassle.

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Marty’s out for the week

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Sep 102016

I’ll (Marty) will be out for the week of Sept 12th. Be back the following.
A nearly year-long project is just about finished, and I’ll be attending to that
until it’s done.

Good luck, nobody get hurt while I’m gone, ok?

Marty in his CB DeMille pose, shot by Kathy Oldham, fellow MG

Marty in his CB DeMille pose, shot by Kathy Oldham, fellow MG

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It’s hard to believe we’re about to start our 10th year

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Jul 152016

What started out as practice to handle long lenses has morphed into a beast all it’s own.

I started shooting football games to get practice using my 500mm lens. It’s not something you just pick up and use. I was preparing for a photoshoot in Yellowstone NP the following February. So I thought shooting football would be a good idea. Never in my wildest imagination that I would be covering several different sports and shooting all school year.

It’s been more fun than I could have imagined and I’ve forged great friendships that I would never had made without my camera. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m ready for this school year to get started. It’s been a long summer waiting for something to do.

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Changes in the wind (or website)

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Jul 022016

Our gallery software (Gallery 3) has been discontinued and we’re moving to alternate software ( So please bear with us while we make the transition. We don’t have all the pricing/basket options we had with the previous software, but we believe the new software is easier to navigate and has a more streamlined look. Please let us know what you think!  We’re using it at our professional sports website.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 9.07.20 PM

We’ve already started out 2016-17 Sports Gallery.

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Schedule week of 10/12

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Oct 112015

Tuesday – Lawson Volleyball
Wednesday – Sectional Softball, Staley @ Liberty North
Thursday – Liberty North football at home
Friday – Excelsior Springs Football

10/12 Monday Men’s Soccer Liberty North @ Liberty
10/14 Wednesday Men’s Soccer Park Hill @ Liberty
10/15 Thursday Volleyball Park Hill @ Liberty
10/16 Friday Football Liberty @ Ruskin

Now all this is based on an optimistic guess that Jeff’s shoulder will recover. Dr’s are guessing it’s a minor tear and a cortisone shot will alleviate the pain. It’s all up in the air right now.

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Schedule for Week of 10/05

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Oct 052015

Jeff’s planning on shooting
10/5 Soccer – Kearney @ Liberty
10/6 Volleyball – Ruskin @ Liberty
10/8 Volleyball – St Joe Central @ Liberty
10/9 Football – Hickman @ Liberty

Marty’s proposed shooting schedule:
10/5 – Volleyball at Liberty North, v Liberty
10/8 – District Softball @ Liberty North (2 Games)
10/9 – District Softball @ Liberty North (Championship)
10/9 – Football @ Ft Osage, Liberty North

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It’s Tournament Season!

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Jan 182015

Jeff shot Kearney last week while I covered the Lawson Tournament.
This coming week, I’ll go to NKC while Jeff shoots Stessman at Liberty. The galleries are up at the regular address, anyone welcome!

Exciting basketball – fast, skilled, handsy defense, the kind you hate to face! – and we’re looking forward to a lot more. The old Field House at NKC is a favorite place to shoot, and of course Cokely is where I got my start in this business.

To all the folks who came by and said hello, and especially Jeff’s new protege

Jeff's newest helper... that's Jack's camera he's using!

Jeff’s newest helper… that’s Jack’s camera he’s using!

we’d like to say thanks. You’re one of the reasons we love what we do.

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Sep 062014

Jeff and I have always known that we do what we do for a couple of reasons – we like being technically proficient at a somewhat difficult undertaking; keeps us busy an active. But we have both long known that the biggest reason we do what we do is the kids. Some of our biggest rewards have been when ‘our’ kids go on to shine after school.
On Friday afternoon, before the scheduled Liberty – Kearney softball game at Liberty, the girls wanted to honor Jeff on the occasion of their home opener. There were nice remarks, a t-shirt, and Jeff throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Of course we were there to capture the moment. After all, it’s what we’re there for!


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