Mar 232020

Extraordinary times, may well be an understatement. None of us have ever experienced anything quite as serious as this in our lifetimes. Please follow the instructions of your health departments and stay at home.

It looks as though we will not be shooting any sporting events for the foreseeable future. I’m sure we all share the disappointment of the cancellations. No soccer, baseball and now the Olympics have been postponed. I’m sure all this abundance of caution is warranted, but it makes for boring times.

I’m quarantined to the house for sometime to come. I have a compromised immune system (I suffer a form of bone marrow cancer). I’m surviving by working over images already in our libraries and trying to be a little more creative with them, than I normally would. Here’s a couple of images. Let us know what you think.

We’ll be adding the ability to order this treatment on images already posted in our galleries in the near future. Right now we’re experimenting on printing these on canvas.

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Feb 292020

We’re migrating to new gallery software. NEW GALLERY We really like this software. It allows all kinds of flexibility for special events. We’ve easily create 2 more special even galleries. One for the MIAA TOURNAMENT and another one for the GKCBCA All Star games and we’ll be posting those games shortly.

This is opens source software that went into hibernation 5 years ago. Now it’s got new supporters and we’re certainly in that mix. We host our own websites so it make that dramatically easier. Now I need to customize a theme for just us. That will happen this summer when I have the time.

We’ll leave the former galleries online and delete the oldest year as it makes sense until it goes away. OLD GALLERIES

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Tournament Galleries are up…

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Jan 172018

Jeff has been shooting the Stessman Tournament and Bulldog Tournament in Kearney, while I’ve been slacking with just the NKC tournament.

The NKC galleries are up at –
Truman v Columbia Rock Bridge

Ray-Pec v Oak Park

St Pius v NKC

LNorth v Park Hill South

… and Jeff’s Galleries are up at –

Great fun!!

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Homecoming, Liberty North

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Sep 302017

The blog these days gets kinda short shrift – twitter and facebook to most of the notification heavy lifting.
But I prefer this, really..
The galleries are up from Homecoming at Liberty North on Friday night, 9-29.
Band Senior Night

Homecoming Court:


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A Statue for Jack

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Sep 012017

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re collecting funds for a statue for Jack. We’re currently planning on building a life size statue to be placed in the entrance to the new fieldhouse. We’re looking to raise about $40K. Any funds that remain will be moved to Jack’s scholarship fund with the Liberty Foundation.

Donation Instructions:

Make your check out to

Blue Jay Nation
in the note at the lower left add “Jack’s Statue” so we know which account to put the check in.

Mail it to:

Tricia Middleton
200 Blue Jay Drive
Liberty, MO 64068

If you have any questions please email me at

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Liberty North Toy Toss to Benefit Local Fund-raising

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Dec 122016

We never cease to be amazed at the ways the Eagles find to help out, and have fun at the same time.


A toy toss, onto the floor of the LNorth field house! Fun!

bring a toy and get in free. Make sure it has the tag attached, and enjoy a great game, too!!

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Lawson Homecoming galleries

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Sep 262016

There was a problem processing the images, and Jeff and I are working to correct it.
We’ll get them back up as soon as we can..
Thanks for patience.. sorry for the hassle.

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Excelsior Springs visits Richmond

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Sep 102016

Football on Friday night, Tigers at Richmond.

The gallery is up for the game:


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