Mar 272021

I (Jeff) announced my retirement. It’s been a fun filled 16 seasons, but it’s rapidly coming to an end. My wife and I have bought a lot in Hattiesburg, MS (I attended graduate school down there) and have got a builder all lined up. While I will be here this Fall, I fully expect the house to be done right after the first of the year (2022) and my free time will be tired up driving down (820 miles/trip) to inspect the progress.

I will continue to shoot the spring season, but on a very limited basis, and will cease shooting on 6/1.

We expect to keep this website active until 7/1/21 and really don’t have a plan on what to do after that. So fair warning here. If you have images you want you should get them ordered soon, before they go away.

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Aug 232020

We’re optimistic we’ll see some sports, how much and when has yet to be determined. We’re preparing to shoot what we can and keep abreast of the heath situation.

Marty will probably be the most absent of our shooters. He’s caring for his 95yr old father and is reluctant to be out and about, fearing he might take something home to his father.

Jeff is off therapy and his cancer seems to be in remission. He’ll be around as much as he can and covering what he can get to. Certainly he’s looking to shoot softball, volleyball, football, tennis and men’s soccer. How much he can cover remains to be seen.

We understand that Covid is serious business, but we also believe we have to live our lives, but take precautions. And we’ll be doing our part to keep Covid under control.

Hope to see you soon!

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Mar 232020

Extraordinary times, may well be an understatement. None of us have ever experienced anything quite as serious as this in our lifetimes. Please follow the instructions of your health departments and stay at home.

It looks as though we will not be shooting any sporting events for the foreseeable future. I’m sure we all share the disappointment of the cancellations. No soccer, baseball and now the Olympics have been postponed. I’m sure all this abundance of caution is warranted, but it makes for boring times.

I’m quarantined to the house for sometime to come. I have a compromised immune system (I suffer a form of bone marrow cancer). I’m surviving by working over images already in our libraries and trying to be a little more creative with them, than I normally would. Here’s a couple of images. Let us know what you think.

We’ll be adding the ability to order this treatment on images already posted in our galleries in the near future. Right now we’re experimenting on printing these on canvas.

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A Statue for Jack

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Sep 012017

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re collecting funds for a statue for Jack. We’re currently planning on building a life size statue to be placed in the entrance to the new fieldhouse. We’re looking to raise about $40K. Any funds that remain will be moved to Jack’s scholarship fund with the Liberty Foundation.

Donation Instructions:

Make your check out to

Blue Jay Nation
in the note at the lower left add “Jack’s Statue” so we know which account to put the check in.

Mail it to:

Tricia Middleton
200 Blue Jay Drive
Liberty, MO 64068

If you have any questions please email me at jeffreybillings@mac.com

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11 Days to go. We had to go back to a backup drive

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Apr 052017

Good thing I keep backups. We’re reposting this image, and updating remaining days left. We’re hoping for good weather and a great game. We’ll be there… so should you!

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22 Days until the Home Opener! Be there!!!

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Mar 252017

Let’s help the ladies start off their season right and fill the stadium. The two time National Women’s Soccer League Champions, 2014 & 2015, start their season Sunday, April 16th, 5:00pm at Swope Soccer Village, 6310 Lewis Rd, Kansas City, MO 64132. Even better show up early for the tailgate at 4:00pm!

Don’t forget to stay after the game and get their autographs!

The KCSports.net Team!

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Update on Jeff

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Dec 262016

The doctors have Jeff on a cancer suppression medication (Hydrea). His biggest issues are extreme tiredness and confusion. At best he’ll be able to get out one night a week to shoot. So while the medication is working, he’ll be on it another 90 days, at least. He wants to do more, but just doesn’t have the energy to do it. Thanks for the well wishes and understanding.

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Schedule for week of 17 October

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Oct 162016

Jeff’s schedule: C5 D15 Volleyball
Monday 17 Oct to Wednesday 19 Oct, then I’m taking the rest of the week off!


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Week of 21 August

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Aug 202016

Jeff’s Schedule
Monday 5:30 Men’s Soccer
Tuesday 7:15 Mens’s Soccer
Thursday 5:30 Women’s Volleyball
Friday 7:00 Football
Sunday 5:00 Women’s Soccer

Jeff will be unavailable from 8/29 until 9/2

Marty’s Schedule: (reflects the early state of the season, and my indecision about where I want to be!!)
Tuesday 8-23
430p Softball at Excelsior Springs
430p Softball at Lawson

Wednesday, 8-24
530p JV/Var Volleyball at Excelsior Springs
530p JV/Var Volleyball at Lawson, and Softball at 5pm, Varsity

Thursday, 8-25
530p – Liberty North Volleyball at NKC

Friday, 8-26
Either Liberty North Football at Jewell, v Raytown
Smithville Football at Home, v Winnetonka

See me when you see me.

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An update on Jeff

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Jul 312016

The doctors have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to start me on a round of chemotherapy to get my blood chemistry under control While I’m coming to terms with taking the meds, I’m finding they are killing my energy/stamina. I will be on them for the entire month of August, and while I’ll try to cover everyone, there will be days where the mind is willing but the body is weak. I’m not planning on a disappearing anytime soon, but I will be scarce for a while.

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