Aug 272016

Big week coming up… so we’ll see what we can get.
Jeff is taking seriously to his nature shooting side and absquatulating off to Colorado to shoot mountain goats.
Mountain GOATS!!!
here’s what I’m gonna try to get this week – weather and temperament permitting:

Monday 8-29
Grain Valley at Smithville, Volleyball, 6pm

Tuesday 8-30
Both Soccer and Volleyball at Excelsior Springs, 530 and 630p.. we’ll see what we can get!

Thursday 9-1
Lawson hosts Excelsior Volleyball at 5pm. Hopefully won’t get rained out in Lawson, again!!

Friday – 9-2
Big deal.
First ever football game between Liberty Blue Jays and Liberty North Eagles. Liberty is 2-0, LNorth is 1-1.
The first basketball game between these two cross-town rivals filled the gym at North Kansas City for a district championship. The second filled the new gym at Liberty, also for a district championship.
So, this football game… well, we once heard it said, that when x and y meet, throw out the record books.
You can be sure that both teams will be bringing the A PLUS game to this one.

Watch this space!

The pictures from last week are up at

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