Mar 232014

or at least that’s what we’ve been lead to believe. That dusting of snow we got last night tells me that Winter isn’t ready to give up. But it does feel like Spring soccer weather…gloves, wool hat and long-johns!

That said we’re all looking at schedules for this coming week and there’s lots of Ladies’ Soccer to cover.

Dan’s Schedule
3/24 Ray-Pec v Liberty 5pm @ LSW
3/24 LSW v Smithville 7pm
3/25 LNHS v unknown 7pm @ Platte County

Jeff’s Schedule
3/24 LSN v Kearney 7pm @ LSN
3/27 Smithville v Liberty 5pm @ LSW

Marty’s schedule –
Marty’s annual camera routining is a little early this year.
Both cameras will be at the Canon facility in Virginia for a week or so.
I’ll be taking the downtime to get a hard drive upgrade, too;
Bottom line is I’ll be outta pocket for week or so till I
get the computer back and all the software re-installed.


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