Mar 272021

I (Jeff) announced my retirement. It’s been a fun filled 16 seasons, but it’s rapidly coming to an end. My wife and I have bought a lot in Hattiesburg, MS (I attended graduate school down there) and have got a builder all lined up. While I will be here this Fall, I fully expect the house to be done right after the first of the year (2022) and my free time will be tired up driving down (820 miles/trip) to inspect the progress.

I will continue to shoot the spring season, but on a very limited basis, and will cease shooting on 6/1.

We expect to keep this website active until 7/1/21 and really don’t have a plan on what to do after that. So fair warning here. If you have images you want you should get them ordered soon, before they go away.

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Aug 232020

We’re optimistic we’ll see some sports, how much and when has yet to be determined. We’re preparing to shoot what we can and keep abreast of the heath situation.

Marty will probably be the most absent of our shooters. He’s caring for his 95yr old father and is reluctant to be out and about, fearing he might take something home to his father.

Jeff is off therapy and his cancer seems to be in remission. He’ll be around as much as he can and covering what he can get to. Certainly he’s looking to shoot softball, volleyball, football, tennis and men’s soccer. How much he can cover remains to be seen.

We understand that Covid is serious business, but we also believe we have to live our lives, but take precautions. And we’ll be doing our part to keep Covid under control.

Hope to see you soon!

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Mar 232020

Extraordinary times, may well be an understatement. None of us have ever experienced anything quite as serious as this in our lifetimes. Please follow the instructions of your health departments and stay at home.

It looks as though we will not be shooting any sporting events for the foreseeable future. I’m sure we all share the disappointment of the cancellations. No soccer, baseball and now the Olympics have been postponed. I’m sure all this abundance of caution is warranted, but it makes for boring times.

I’m quarantined to the house for sometime to come. I have a compromised immune system (I suffer a form of bone marrow cancer). I’m surviving by working over images already in our libraries and trying to be a little more creative with them, than I normally would. Here’s a couple of images. Let us know what you think.

We’ll be adding the ability to order this treatment on images already posted in our galleries in the near future. Right now we’re experimenting on printing these on canvas.

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Feb 292020

We’re migrating to new gallery software. NEW GALLERY We really like this software. It allows all kinds of flexibility for special events. We’ve easily create 2 more special even galleries. One for the MIAA TOURNAMENT and another one for the GKCBCA All Star games and we’ll be posting those games shortly.

This is opens source software that went into hibernation 5 years ago. Now it’s got new supporters and we’re certainly in that mix. We host our own websites so it make that dramatically easier. Now I need to customize a theme for just us. That will happen this summer when I have the time.

We’ll leave the former galleries online and delete the oldest year as it makes sense until it goes away. OLD GALLERIES

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Feb 172020

I’ve got to get this off my chest. Yes, I am a gearhead, or gearhog as my wife would attest. While you don’t need a top of the line camera to take great pictures, it does help make my life easier.

That said, I went out and bought a new Canon 1Dx mkIII. What does it do better? Autofocus, autofocus, autofocus! So far I’ve shot 5 basketball games, one JV, two Varsity (high school) and 2 varsity college games. Autofocus with the previous 1Dxs was good, but Canon has built a new sensor, shutter and autofocus system for this camera.

So far I’ve been able to capture action sequences of 30+ images with the players driving to the basket and they are all in focus! I haven’t had to worry about the buffer in the camera, the internal processor and fast CFexpress cards eliminated that as a concern. And the shutter while faster (16 vs. 14 fps) is much quieter than the previous shutters. It’s almost a stealth shutter before I turn stealth mode on!

With a new sensor comes better color rendition and at least 1 stop of better ISO performance. These 5 basketball games were shot at ISO 20,000 at 1/2,000sec f/4.0 with Canons 70-200 lens. I don’t think I’ll worry about a dark gym again!

Here’s a sample image.

He’s got a great vertical jump! 1/2000 f/4.0 ISO 20000

I have one complaint and it has nothing to do with Canon or the camera. Software is lagging behind this release. My software of choice is Capture One, and as of this writing they haven’t updated the current version to hand the new camera image format (now CR3). Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I hate using Photoshop to edit my images

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Dec 042018

Got the first round at Liberty North last night. The women’s games were worth the time.

The Galleries are up –

St Pius X v Liberty North

Park Hill v St Joe Central


Park Hill v St Joe Central



St Pius X v Liberty North



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Dec 012018

Maranatha played St Pius X at Liberty High, today, followed by Free State’s Firebirds against Blue Springs Wildcats.

The Galleries are up –

Maranatha v St Pius X

Free State v Blue Springs
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